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Oil on Canvas Series

2002 - 2004

In this series of paintings I’m exploring a perspective seen every day, but un-noticed. Animals, viewed from above, looking up at us. Or up to us? By painting their faces larger than life and putting them up at our eye level I’m bringing a view that’s often overlooked, sharply into focus.

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The painting process fills me with a sense of awe. From concept to composition, out of chaos into harmony – I become immersed. The doing of it connects me to the un-broken circle of life. The animals that appear in my work know only this un-broken circle. We humans perceive ourselves as being outside and alone. If there is a message in my work it is that we are, each one of us, connected to the circle. We belong. But we also share responsibility for the balance and harmony of the whole picture.

Silent No Longer: Portfolio

For me the process of art making and the subject of the art I make are one and the same - the quest for balance and harmony. Emotional colors, spontaneous lines, light from within, layers of paint that influence each other, equal emphasis on negative and positive space. These are some of the disparate elements that I struggle to bring into balance in a painting. That these different things can be brought into harmony speaks about how all life is connected.

Silent No Longer: Widget
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